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Cluey empowers consumers to become more informed and conscious of their impacts and influence on people, the planet, and politics.

By making brand and corporate impacts transparent, Cluey helps identify which brands are aligned with each consumer’s unique set of personal values so they can buy accordingly.

This collective result of daily individual consumer changes has the potential to be revolutionary in changing corporate practices at a macro-level.

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As part of a Big Data play, my team and I were tasked with developing a consumer-facing SaaS platform that empowers consumers to be "in the know" with how their everyday purchases align with their personal values.

We found that the project requirements were perfect for Static Site Generator (SSG) functionalities and JAMStack, as Cluey in the short-term will have thousands of pages and in the long-term, potentially upwards of one-hundred thousand.


  • Next.JS
  • Node.JS
  • MySQL
  • GraphQL

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